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As a real estate enterprise Sun Corporation built Alpha Plus, a commercial complex that presents a compelling alternative for growing businesses thriving in the city of Rajkot on a commercially busy road. It was a rare opportunity for them that they grabbed with both hands, in this highly regarded posh area of the city. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

For the last few decades, more and more businesses are aiming for large-scale growth, encouraging realty sector to build spaces catering to modern commercial needs. As one of today’s most forward-thinking and planned commercial buildings, Alpha Plus has unique location which called for a digital experience that conveyed both its regional prominence and business ambition. Partnering with them, we realised the Alpha Plus requires to have an elevated brand strategy.

Hence, Admiracle developed and consolidated the sophisticated brand 'Alpha Plus’ with its creativity and experience, while allowing the beauty of the premises to tell its own story. With effective promotion, Admiracle sent an invitation to the business entrepreneurs to reserve a place within the business centre by creating brochure, website development, digital branding, print and outdoor advertising as well.

Bakehouse branding business cards

Their identity began with the bare essentials, starting with the pyramid-shaped logo and typefaces. Additionally, bluish green was our colour of choice with black as a secondary colour to punctuate the significance and luxury of the brand in the name as bottom-line. To complement this identity, we created a visual representation of Rajkot city’s image as a growth engine of the Saurashtra region talent with a set of images, which we depicted as appealing to turn people's business dreams into reality with an array of concept photography.

A unique website design contributing to generate leads


There's no doubt that Alpha Plus offers a one-of-a-kind experience―they attract various businesses to acquire a space there. Admiracle made efforts to properly communicate the array of amenities they have to offer in an effective or engaging way. Our goal was to present that differently, giving online visitors a similar experience to have a feel of the space. We also developed up key headlines and call-outs to set the proper tone and help the prospects get to the interesting sections of the site in no time.

I was very impressed with the final design of architectural brochure of Alpha Plus but not only that, the whole design process was nothing less than exceptional service. Working with Admiracle was like a breeze. They are true professionals, a huge pool of talent and I would highly recommend their services. They really add a miracle to the branding. I surely think so.
Vijay Dhranga, Director, Sun Corporation
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