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Contemporary branding for a distinguished jewellery brand


Shilpa Lifestyle is a leading jewellery brand offering intricate craftsmanship and unmatched styles that are like modish splendour meets traditional artistry of some fabulous jewellery. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Shilpa Lifestyle approached us looking for a fresh creative approach to their branding and marketing collateral and to go for more dynamic and playful concepts. With all this in mind, we developed a women-centric style for the brand with wide-ranging images and witty taglines for print media designs, outdoor advertising and social media campaigns and did the website makeover.

Digital media, injecting more into the brand


As an established brand they know their business inside and out, their products, their services, their customers, they’re passionate about who they are, and what they do. We noted their thoughts and feelings, defined and crystalized. We extracted it all, organized it and gave it the right feel, personality and tone. We uncovered it all and accordingly executed informative, knowledgeable, festive, funny and punny posts to good effect. The digital branding has helped them strengthening brand recall.

Confidently telling inspiring stories through concept photography


For the custom designs, we opted for overall aesthetic photography that just made sense. Thanks to the nature of their product, we had great photography assets to work with, letting the visuals do the talking, especially in the Gold and Diamond albums. We provided minutest jewellery details with interesting stories and knowledge with these prolific concept visuals reviving forgotten timeless traditions with a contemporary feel. The message was conveyed so beautifully to the readers that it would prompt them to consider worthy to buy the jewellery.

Website design reflecting the unique jewellery brand


We were brought on board to create an experience-focused, content-rich website that reflects the company’s brand values of design, craftsmanship and transparency. With a view to creating a visually rich experience, we used creative and contemporary imagery and videos on the website with novel ways to show the intricate design and range of their jewellery with collection-wise pages like Rajasthan Rajputana, Chocolate Diamond Jewellery, Pratham, Shivam etc. in detail. To develop their branding for a digital audience – developing font hierarchies and colour palettes; designing iconography and using concept photography as a design principle to inform subtle interactions and animation.

Videos giving traditional jewellery a new look with old charm


While producing short video films relating legends with contemporary trends, Rajasthani Rajputana Jewellery collection is a pure craft as well as a fusion of art both in intricate designs and craftsmanship. Displaying the magnificent craftsmanship, motifs with intricate enamelling we take the viewers down the memory lane in the land of kings and queens. We made it look contemporary and appealing for them animating the old world charm in fresh styles with fabulous background music, a marvellous mix of both folk and classical tunes.

Our branding needed to be felt cohesive. Admiracle has been able to work on multiple different campaigns while still making sure that it feels as if it is all part of the same family. The knowledge, skill set and creativity that Admiracle has, is so inspiring and we fail to find words to thank them enough for helping develop our new look brand. Their creative work is some of the best I have seen. Their creative ability to conjure art into commercial platforms is excellent. Admiracle has done website design, graphic designs and audio visual productions for us which are always visually appealing and highly interactive.
Prabhudas Parekh, Director, Shipa Lifestyle
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