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Establishing strategy for the global quality CPP film makers


The brand symbolizes safety and hygiene - the promise of quality products. They are catering to top national and global brands. The popularity of their unique brand of CPP films meant they quickly outgrew initial plans and it was time for a complete overhaul of their branding and a website with the option to customize products. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

We were consulted to develop their brand ‘rhyeco’ with a strategic approach and creative thinking. The parent company Rahil (CPP) Films Pvt. Ltd. entrusted their portfolio to us as an agency of record because of our experience, holistic perspective and reputation. Ultimately we knew that Rhyeco's logo should play its eco-friendly aspect and visually convey some hints of the product USPs. So we established a subtle approach to display and showcase those using creative concepts.

Using a font that is laden with alternative bold and light letters, we gave Rhyeco a recognizable logotype with small variations in fonts to embody the tech-driven protection which is at the core of their products. Admiracle developed its brand identity, website and print design. Being their branding and media partners we extensively advertised in various media like print and outdoor too.

Right time to display it visually


We came up with a strategy based on the concept of uniqueness. No better way to communicate what they do than to showcase some concept photography with infinite variations. We elevated the importance of concept photography establishing high visual communication standards. We created some great designs for them that made the brand Rhyeco a global player through our passionate team efforts with special photography providing attractive visuals for their brochure, website and promotional materials. This makes it easy to display new products, keep their images updated and make sure their customers have access to the right resources.

Establishing a new design language and standards


The Rhyeco website had to be just as user-friendly as its products, each one catering to an array of customizations and inputs. We also kept the website header to use a fresh variation of the logo on each page load. A subtle touch that is pleasing for the viewers. Then we topped it off with the perfect bottom line, 'The Best Packaging Value'. The creative design is distinctively bold, streamlined and beautiful. It embraces an open background, pushing the content to equal status and the brand continually forward. The product pages share unique stories around the product features providing excellent user experience.

Admiracle stands out, as their planning, designing and execution is done meticulously considering our custom requirements and always brings out very innovative creations that substantially promotes our brand value right away. Admiracle was a key partner in developing our branding, website and print media. On target strategy, powerful communication, all done under extreme deadline pressure, resulting in hundreds of visits to our website and a great customer response. They gave us a valuable head start in establishing credibility for our fresh brand.
Aakash Bhadani, Director, Rahil (CPP) Films Pvt. Ltd.
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