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Formulating a brand that serves PE films to top brands


Carrying forward the legacy of industrial experience and supplying to top national and global brands, Rahil Foam Pvt. Ltd. under this very impressive brand ‘rhyfeel’, has earned the reputation as manufacturers and exporters of cast PE breathable & Cast PE non-breathable films. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Aspiring for growth as well as expansion, they approached us to create a new branding identity that would embody the true vision of the brand Rhyfeel and build this out across multiple platforms including website, posters, graphics and apron designs.

Helping to position the brand to an industrial audience, we designed a creative direction that conveyed its attitude, energy and caring protection through products with quality material providing satisfactory end-user experience. Being their branding and media partners, Admiracle designed the company profile and PPT too. Admiracle also extensively advertised the brand Rhyfeel in various media like print and outdoor.

Photography for branding in entirety


Rhyfeel’s clean, elegant and minimalistic aesthetic image needed to remain consistent across the whole branding project, with nothing to get in the way of their visually smooth products in colours and white, to the point and quick to convert. Our concept photography as part of the user experience, giving us the opportunity to execute their vision for all of the environmental designs. With an overhead flat-lay photography style that not only hints at what is in their range but also validates the lifestyles of their end-users base.

A website with icons at the core


The website enriched with illustrations, we created graphic imagery for key products, categories and features from the beginning. For the products, we created detailed illustrations showing the different types of films and the usage associated with each. For navigation and other odds and ends, we went with a complimentary icon style that's simple, clean and solid.

There's far more than meets the eye. The user experience leads the customer to the products that fit their needs, providing all the details on the product pages one could ever need. But it's not just about selling products, here is a heavy focus on educating the customers by providing in-depth information.

Working with Admiracle was easy as we have been associated with them since our beginning. Their team is genuinely committed to customer satisfaction. They skilfully asked us the right questions to ensure that we were happy with their design. Especially their logo design resonated immediately with our vision and motivated us to accelerate the momentum of our industrial business. We know them from the beginning. They have good sense of visualising, copy-writing and designing with a powerful team at hand. They have consistently exceeded our design expectations. Whether it be a website design or print project, Admiracle has always delivered outstanding results. Their flexible service is greatly appreciable, as it has allowed us to hit even the tightest deadlines. They do a fantastic job at interpreting a creative brief and we look forward to them for all our future projects.
Lalit Kagathara, Managing Director, Rahil Foam Pvt. Ltd.
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