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Establishing a fast growing hardware fittings brand


Venus Industries continually adopts innovative ways to sharpen their competitive edge and further their leadership in the market. They are a prominent manufacturer of quality brass hinges and architectural fittings from best raw-materials using state of the art technology and have set an example for everyone in the industry. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Admiracle associated with Venus Industries in 1988 by creating print advertisements published in different media for campaigning in chosen major markets. We came on board to make them take the bold step from local market to becoming a large scale supplier throughout India and abroad.

Admiracle has enhanced their image and elevated their performance by creating their brand identity, company brochure and print advertising. We designed it by making it simple, but significant; bold typography, strong image and a minimal elegance with dimensional photography creating a positive user experience meeting exact needs of the customers.

Expressing the brand in the right way


Inspiring customer loyalty, one is more likely to return to a brand if its logo is memorable. It establishes a visual imprint on customers's minds, interpret the brand in a way that is eye-catching, professional and memorable. We carved a logo design for Venus that takes inspiration from embossed typography with the ends of the letter 'V' extended to surround the brand name text giving it a capsule like rounded look. It stands for their values, quality and competence, giving them a unique identity.

Initially we approached Admiracle to design our logo based on the strength of their portfolio and the glowing recommendations they have received. We are so glad Admiracle was able to help, as they have done a fantastic job which reflected the intricacies of the brief. They were always available to answer our questions and provided us with a very professional service. We were delighted with the initial concepts Admiracle put forward and the final logo we settled upon required very little adaptation, which is a testament to their skills. They further provided us more creativity with concept company profile, stationery design, box designs, exhibition stall design and so on. We would recommend Admiracle to anyone enthusiastic about their branding needs.
Tulsi Gajera, Director, Venus Industries
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