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Engaging branding for an orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic hospital


Absodontic is a distinguished orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic hospital. It is known for expert and advanced dental treatments and compassionate approach towards dental care. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Our task was well-defined: building the brand and the identity of the hospital from scratch. We successfully positioned the brand Absodontic. Our services included graphic designs, web design and development, custom design brochures / flyers and relevant booklets with the by-line Creating Smiles, Changing Lives.

Developing on themes such as passion, care and service, we used the colour scheme which is uniform at all branding platforms with creativity. Admiracle has worked as the brand partner of Absodontic. Over the years, we have worked towards creating its unique brand positioning based on their commitment and values.

We have used the graphic form of a 'brace' around the Absodontic logo. Kozuka type fonts are clearly legible and appealing that go well with the hospital that has a global reputation in dental care. The individual shapes that are used to make up the letterforms represent the caring image of the orthodontic hospital. The logo typeface forms the backbone of an emphatic visual identity that is both flexible and scalable in terms of application; something which is essential for an orthodontic care unit involved in so many different dental treatments.

Determined the look and feel of the brand


Concept photography was important for consistency and the overall vibe of the brand. We sourced props for many treatments that are contained in each as supporting imagery and shot the surprises out of it all. Our scope of work has encompassed the brochure, posters, flyers and other collaterals. Along with that, we have also been involved in identifying right opportunities and building upon the strengths of the brand with some insightful photography and impactful images.

Conceptualized website design


Absodontic website is designed around the real people who aspire for better look and treat their individual conditions, using their words and anecdotes as a foundation for our content and sprinkling in subtle interactions along the way to make the experience feel as tangible as possible. Each page is dedicated to a different facet of their experience. Testimonials explore their personal experiences that give visitors an intimate glimpse at the conversations happening both at and away from the clinic.

The admiracle team is amazing. It's a creative gang, very agile and working with them is so much of fun. Admiracle designed our logo that perfectly aligned with what I envisioned. I applaud their insight to translate my vision into reality in all aspects of the design. They were thorough with extremely efficient follow through and established a partnership to achieve our goals. I would highly recommend their work and professionalism.
Dr. Dilip Patel, Orthodontist, Absodontic
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