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A fresh branding for an iconic tile showroom in Canada


Atlas Tiles Plus came to us looking to create new branding for their newly opened tile showroom in Vaughan, Canada. It is a unique and exclusive tiles showroom dedicated to new tiling trends that make you experience style and aesthetics. Atlas with eclectic multi-faceted designs becomes a contemporary tiles display space. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Admiracle shared their creative ambition for the branding of their exclusive tile showroom. Given the breadth of creative work that their branding needs to integrate with, it was a challenging brief which Admiracle embraced wholeheartedly. Our branding approach provided Atlas an aim for a creative spirit which is enjoyable in both present and future.

We highlighted their inspiration for a new combination of creativity and technology catering a perfect balance between artistic appeal and modern needs by using great print designs and an appealing website.

A guided website with features built for intentional discovery


We wanted to create a guided website experience for Atlas Tiles Plus, that was more visual and lifestyle focused. We lead users to product pages and had given those pages due importance. This provided more context and brand building opportunities before you finally arrive at the contact page. Inspirational matching of products; the experience welcomes the user with an incentive much to their liking for exploring further.

Making the shopping experience more human, similar to how you would shop in a tile showroom or discover products through recommendations. Working closely with their internal design team, we endeavoured to remain as pixel-perfect as possible. A fixed-width setup gave us full control of our meticulous designs. A clean, simple and engaging user- interface doesn't get in the way of the products and information customers would be looking for.

Going by my experience with Admiracle I would give them five stars. When starting a new business it can be very challenging to navigate all marketing platforms. Team Admiracle helped me make a plan for my business to make it successful. Their ability to develop creative solutions to the functionality and user experience made for a fantastic result. We couldn't be more pleased with the website they created for us. It's current, attractive and super easy to navigate. I am so grateful for their support and expertise as professionals. I have already seen an increase in my business using their suggestions. It's nice to have a fresh perspective of how to improve your business and help it grow.
Simran Kahlon, Atlas Tiles Plus, Vaughan-Canada
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