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Inspired branding for a universal cause


Mr. Mukesh Sayani, an NRI professional from USA had a unique idea of creating awareness in the world about the all-important but often underrated role of the homemakers in society. In his view, the homemakers deserve the army-men like respect as they by no means are less contributors, especially they are preparing the future citizens, the children.

It has successfully captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people across the world. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding. He approached us to promote the critical roles of their branding in growing support for the homemakers. He wanted to create a brand identity that would be inspiring and meaningful.

We began with a strategic and creative vision, distilling what it was we aimed to achieve, the challenges we faced and for whom the intended message was. From this, we built graphics and visual principles that would sit cohesively alongside their goals in building a user-friendly website for them.

Creating a sense of pride with an interactive website


Hug The Homemaker needed the flexibility to communicate with a variety of different audiences. There is a representation of all the topics of the web on the home page with mushy slogans in the four moving sliders. We have put some matter under the Blog link where one can put one's thoughts and put it with a picture. For more information, one can click the Continue to Read button. There is also a sign of Share which can be clicked to see Facebook & Twitter options to share. We have made efforts to incorporate every content. We added some descriptive content under The Idea and The Homemakers links to elaborate the subject further.

Thank you all! It is a great beginning for us. It hit the mark for what we need for our vision and for giving us growth space. Even more important than the website, we now have new friends that we can count on at Admiracle–our strategic ally. The approach you took with my team is precisely the spirit and philosophy that we embody here at HTHM. You took the time not only get us where we need to be, but you designed, nurtured and cajoled our objectives along the way. By figuring out how to help us express our identity, you have become part of our mission. You all are not just professionals, you are Admiracle, our partners in our revolutionary project.
Mukesh Sayani, Founder, Hug The Homemaker
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