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Planning marketing strategies


A marketing plan is the outline of achieving your business goals. It guides you at every step and makes you stick to your plan. We create strategies that focus on adequate marketing activities. We strengthen and leverage your brand. It helps tracking expenditure, measuring value and keeping you on track. You make a Marketing Calendar and organize all related activities and take advantage of opportunities with their timely anticipation. We ensure all your marketing activities work together to be most effective.

Handling social media


Social media has tremendous potential. If executed properly, it could be an effective and efficient marketing component. We ensure that the social works for you. We save your time and find resources for you. We treat with care, every platform you participate on. The right communication shared with meticulously targeted audiences builds engagement that can result in sales.

Online marketing solutions


Today you can use many tools and platforms and set up the online marketing as autopilot. They may be great technologies, but our role comes here. We set it up, oversee it and ensure to get the expected results. We provide online marketing solutions best suited to your needs, goals and budget also. We have you covered by remaining aware of the constantly changing systems used by search engines, policy changes by the internet providers and online marketing practices compliancy requirements.

Copy that matters


Our copy is like having a conversation with someone we already know. We remain professional in our language, but avoid too much marketing lingo with which one may not be familiar. We are conscious of the fact that every business and organization has to speak in a clear and distinct voice. You need to be authoritative and trustworthy, friendly and a little offbeat also. Because the words you use let the reader know who you really are as a brand. Strong copywriting matters. It makes a brand stand out for all its right characteristics.

Compelling ad campaigns


Superbly created ad campaigns engage life on their own. One talks about them, sometimes even years after they have disappeared. Effective advertising campaigns creation requires both skills and talents. Investing in creatives and market research needs to ensure that the cost of buying advertising space pays off. The big crunch in most ad campaigns spend is the media itself – print ad space, billboards, radio and television airtime, or PPC online. Therefore, firing with the right creative is vital. Then the media spend becomes an investment that returns multifold.

Unique print & packaging design


Print is still alive with less competition now. Direct mail promotions are diminishing. The consumers and brands pay more attention to the printed messages that do arrive. Print technologies have been transformed. Eco-friendly papers, inks and printing ways surprise and delight the recipients, with new effects and personalized content employed. Exclusive packaging solutions are possible for even small quantities. Inspiring designs are a solution itself whether in print or packaging, we like to think out of the box.

Savvy media buying


We do local and regional media buying by making our professional relationships with the major players in the market work in your interest. In case you are already linked with a media channel, we would be more than pleased to work with them on your behalf. It is in your advantage to work with a professional media buyer. Every media channel will strive to convince you that they have the best product for you. We evaluate all these media options keeping in mind what will best suit your needs without compromising your budget. We work with our unbiased recommendations and negotiation skills for success of your campaigns.

Effective media & public relations


Effective communication goes beyond advertising and branding. To create a proper image and to maintain it efficient PR (Public Relations) and MR (Media Relations) are vital. Information from a dependable neutral source is considered more credible than when it comes directly from an institution. We ensure that the clients have positive coverage in the media for their products, services, achievements and occasions. With sincere follow-ups the professional media releases can spread the information efficiently and more importantly effectively.

Art and science of SEO


As a blanket term SEO describes all the various tactics to make the search engines find your website at the earliest and rank it higher. It's an art and at the same time a science also. It keeps changing all the time. We employ best practice on-page SEO strategies while developing the websites. Google is obviously the most important search engine to focus for us while making the SEO efforts. We are always striving to deliver the best and most proper search results for the visitors of the client website.

Advanced lead generation technologies


A website is a digital member of a sales team! It works round the clock, keeps engaging the potential customers. We design a website with a goal to make the visitors next customers of the client. Even they have a complex technical sales, we encourage visitors to take the next step, slowly making them ready to deal. Making them remember the brand and keeping them in touch. We keep track of their visits, the pages they visit frequently and length of their stay. This is the vital information you may require to increase the leads.

Paid search advertising as investment


We hear many acronyms of paid search advertising like PPC-Pay Per Click, CPC-Cost Per Click or Cost Per Conversion, CTR-Click Through Rate, SERP-Search Engine Results Page and so on. They might confuse the advertisers. We explain the Paid Search. We show how different options would work and find out the ones which should work best for their type of sale.

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