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Higher ranking with SEO


Our smart and sustainable search engine optimization strategies have the ability to substantially move the organic traffic to your website. As a blanket term SEO means all the various tactics to make the search engines find your website the quickest and rank it higher. We employ best practice on-page SEO strategies while developing the websites. We are always striving to deliver the best and most proper search results for the visitors of the client website.

UX and UI are priority


We design the websites that provide users an easy and enjoyable online experience. We present them a well-designed website so that they don't have to think about using it. User Experience -UX and User Interface-UI are a priority for our websites. With the website, we tell the client's story. Our designs convey their story in an organized and fascinating order, ensuring that their core messages are easy to find and concise to retain the user's attention.

Generating leads


A website is a digital member of a sales team! It works round the clock, keeps engaging the potential customers. We design a website with a goal to make the visitors next customers of the client. Even they have a complex technical sales, we encourage visitors to take the next step, slowly making them ready to deal. Making them remember the brand and keeping them in touch. We keep track of their visits, the pages they visit frequently and length of their stay. This is the vital information you may require to increase the leads.

Content strategy


Branded content and experiences designed to tell stories start conversations in unexpected ways. Ways that make even the seasoned people step back and appreciate. Good content is vital to the success of a website. Fresh, contemporary and original content would perform as a key element. Around the core message to be conveyed to the audience, we prepare the story well, check the data precisely and then support the web content strategy with accomplished writing, editing and SEO for all the contents including blog articles, media releases and social media.

Updation feature with CMS


It is one of the tools that helps a business connect and sell better. In the past it wasn't easy to make changes to a website as one had to go back to the website designer to get changes made. That prompts many to avoid making changes and continue with sometimes old information on their site. We know a website does benefit from regular content updates. We build websites where there is a provision of a simple back-end CMS (Content Management System) to manage them on your own. We also train and support the clients in this regard, so that they have the control they need.

E-commerce enabled site with UI


We believe that there are people out there who are ready to do business with you. Make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you. Because in today's e-commerce age, a website can serve as a store also. If financial transactions are availed online, to make the site visitor your customer, some specific requirements need to be fulfilled. Also essential are the credibility and security. For that the user interface is very important. UI is how a site would look, behave and interact with the user.

Quality paid search management


We do high quality paid campaign development and management across Google, Facebook and other search networks that brings the clients targeted visitors. We hear many acronyms of paid search advertising like PPC-Pay Per Click, CPC-Cost Per Click or Cost Per Conversion, CTR-Click Through Rate, SERP Search Engine Results Page and so on. They might confuse the advertisers. We explain them the Paid Search. We show how different options would work and find out the ones which should work best for their type of sale.

Continuous support


We design a website that belongs to the client. We consider it important that they continue to associate with us on their own, based on our performance rather than for any compulsion. A new site is set up with client-registered domain name and kept transferable for anybody to host. We are transparent in our services. Our promise of ongoing support remains always. We will take care of their website and ensure that it remains up-to-date, secure and functioning smoothly.

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