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Corporate branding for a conventional spices brand


Branding has to be strategic to build loyalty. It should be an expression of the core truth or value of a brand, product or service, communicating the features, mission and characteristics that reveals what the organization is all about. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Adani Spices has established itself as a very popular, vibrant and accomplished spices brand, since 1955 in India and abroad.

Admiracle has been handling total branding of Adani Spices starting from brand identity, brochure designing, packaging concepts, print advertising, Radio jingles, PowerPoint Presentations, corporate films, slide shows, signage, kiosks and also plays its role in their digital branding.

Tradition, culture and commerce


The Adani Spices branding is rooted to its factory site; encouraging backward integration. Chilly farms are nearby and have been the suppliers of top quality raw materials for years. Sensitive to this, we incorporated chillies to give it better balance and legibility in smaller size fonts using their brand identity. Adani Spices is all about marketing with purity. Everything it makes feels pure and original. We made designs in which brand inspiration, product information and its long traditions come together.

An experience that works, looks and feels


Every Adani Spices product has a story and each story comes alive in the product promotion films with in-depth information and cultural context. We connected script content, brand campaigns and product stories to encourage the Adani Spices target audience to immerse themselves in the taste they love. We elevated the importance of product photography in the videos, using established creative art direction standards.

User experience designed for thumb-first interaction


Our partnership brings the emotion of the brand to centerstage, creating visuals and content for digital platforms that embrace product-led storytelling as its strategic foundation. It’s more than a food products brand; this is the media where it becomes real, online with our creative efforts that supports clean environment, pushing the content to high status and the brand continually forward.

Admiracle has developed a deep understating of our business and the sector in which we operate over so many years. Their response to our changing business imperatives, brought on by expansion globally, was considerable and decisive at a very important time. The end result was a smooth transition to a new branding for our organisation, retaining the good bits and leaving the rest behind. Most importantly, the process established a high level of confidence amongst our customers, staff and stakeholders about our business strength as well as an increased excitement for our future. Our rebranding is essentially complete and our business is thriving. Admiracle has been an important partner to our success.
Jitendra Adani, Director, Adani Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
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