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Comprehensive branding for a progressive industry aspiring to enhance global footprints


We were approached by Metalmech Engineers, a reputed company in producing at par global quality Cable Glands and Accessories, to handle their total branding by promoting their brand image to grow their global base as well as the collective vision within its stakeholders. Our dedicated team is passionately working to consolidate their brand position at different platforms. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding.

Our design process emphasized on company's purpose of 'better safety with quality products', beginning from the logo to establish how Metalmech is as the brand identity. Then to cover which brand elements there are and how they combine to help target audiences identify who they are and what they do.

We made sure that proper brand message is conveyed by designing in an impactful and conclusive manner across the catalogue, packaging, photography, corporate films, social media campaigns, website, wall graphics, signage, brand guide etc. We have also created a mascot molded from brass metal that remains with every customer as a symbol of strength and safety connected with the brand Metalmech and enhance the brand impact.

Creating a brand position for Metalmech with most effective marketing components

Building cohesive brand with uniformity


Intended to inspire and educate stakeholders to maintain a consistent visual language, through the creative sparks, the brand brings together the power of industry with our creative energy generated some fabulous design combinations. We designed a visual identity that was utilised and rolled out across all branding collaterals. From this we have undertaken special product photography, brand guide, PowerPoint Presentation, brochure and visual print media that would go cohesively alongside their current brand image.

Building the story and film direction


A blend of values, beliefs and motivation, the corporate film and product videos created by us reflect our efforts to elevate brand Metalmech. Our strategic and creative vision is apparent in the scripts and storyboard to achieve the goals of making the audience think and feel the brand to create more chances to connect with them. Accordingly we developed the audio, motion graphics and animation sequence cohesively alongside the brand characters.

Digital branding across multiple touchpoints


Social media offers tremendous potential. By creating a brand position for Metalmech, we made sure that it becomes one of their most effective and efficient marketing components. We made it to get social working for them. Every platform be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, their participation is treated with care. The right kind of communication shared with highly targeted audiences builds engagement and ultimately, sales. Through best practice of SEO and SMM, we keep the interactive brand updated.

We endorse and recommend 'admiracle' as being one of the best creative brand consultancies which works by unique generation of concepts for our products or services. We are sure that they have achieved another level of creativity and sophistication over the decades of vast experience. Team Admiracle's enthusiasm and dedication is remarkable. Keep creating.
Rahul Bakshi, Director, Metalmech Engineering
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