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Holistic branding for a vibrant & leading industrial brand


Admiracle has been associated with PBW Bearings, a leading industrial group, in 1983 in its inaugural year itself, to have them widely noticed as a leading brand for their excellence-driven approach producing quality products and achieving highest customer satisfaction. Since then, we have been with them, celebrated their three decades in business and saw them evolved to outstanding and astounding industry groups.

They have expanded into new markets. PBW needed a bold, modern brand for which everyone there, could all be proud of. Here is their case study showing our engagement in their branding. Admiracle created a fresh, versatile visual identity that enabled PBW to engage with its unique personality. Our collaborative process and engaging team aimed to produce a visual system with excellent product photography that would enable mindful brand message and represent who they are.

Considering customers as part of the family at every step has always motivated PBW. So in creating their brand, Admiracle has simply given the voice to transparency, ideals, user experience and warmth that characterize the company itself.

We decided that a text system should be the focus of the brand; an adaptable grid that could give PBW the voice it needs through bold, simple identity. This would also allow all the stakeholders to take on the future application of the brand; an absolute necessity for creating a consistently recognizable brand promise. The logo incorporates the oval shape and brand name in vibrant red text with extended round shapes and product name written in deep green in the right side with a vertical line in between. Whilst allowing room to add more as the brand grows.

Crafting designs worthy of the renowned brand journey


For the visual style, we found a midpoint which nicely joins together the visual heritage and vibrant culture of the region. Being known for its unique ways which led us to create a set of bold icons for brochures and a layout with a hint of out of box styling. The exhibitions and product detail pages were easily the most important and complex pieces of their branding. It's all about size, weight and the minutest details. The information needed to be easy to get and easy to digest. With tabbed content for the product information, we were able to keep it all clean and uncluttered.

Working with Admiracle is like a good family bond, friendly and inspiring. They have been extremely creative and really understood the concept of our business very well. Even when we could not meet sometimes it didn't affect our projects at all. They are very prompt to respond and we can ask for help almost any time. The result of Admiracle’s work is just perfect from every point of view because they really listen to their clients very keenly and work from the user experience perspective. They are honest professionals with design sense as I know them personally for years now. We have been associated with them for our integrated branding since 1983. Thank you, Admiracle.
Naresh Patel, Director, Patel Brass Works Pvt. Ltd.
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